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Terms and Conditions

Orders via Internet have a delivery charge of $9.25 in purchases between $1.00 to $100,00, $8.00 in purchases between $101.00 to $250.00, $7.00 in purchases between $251.00 to $499.99 and FREE DELIVERY in purchases of $500 or more. For orders via Internet, we offer the options of delivery by FedEx (with the corresponding delivery charge) or pick up in the store selected at no additional cost. If you should have any doubts, please contact our Customer Service Department at [email protected] All orders via Internet will have a period of 24 hours for any claim once FedEx has delivered the package. Up until present, books are not subject to payment of taxes. Materials and school bags are subject to the payment of the 11.5% corresponding Sales and Use Tax (IVU).


Make sure to have the right items to avoid returns and exchanges. Items that were rightfully sold (no mistakes were made by us) cannot be returned or exchanged.
Changes and returns will be made in the store with the receipt.
We won’t return money, but you will get store credit.
We will not exchange or take back any damaged product.
You cannot return novels, bibles, dictionaries, licenses or book with licenses.


Your Lay-away order will be processed from our headquarters.
When choosing your payment method, choose Lay-away.
You will be required to pay 30% of the total of your Law-away order. If some of books ordered are not available at the time of the order, the 30% of the total will be applied to the original order.
Any payment towards the Law-away order must be indicated in our website or calling (787)-766-1335.
Once you have fully paid your Lay-away, your order will be mailed via FedEx.
Your Lay-away expire on August 31. of the current school year.
You will be required to pay a penalty of 20% for each product in your cancelled Lay-away.
If you cancel your Lay-away, you will receive the 30% deposit, after taking 20% of each item in the Lay-away order.


For us, the security and protection of your data and personal information is extremely important. We take care of the information shared with us using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which protects the internet connection and your computer by encrypting all your data. We use the most sophisticated system in the market to protect your information. Our privacy policy is short and simple: we do not share, sell or exchange any of the information provided by you.


Our webpage does not indicate availability. Once we get your order, we will send all the available items. If an item is not available, the client must reach out via phone or email. Our system keeps a record of all the products that are unavailable per each client. Once the product becomes available, the client will need to authorize the shipping or order the product again. Orders won’t be shipped automatically. Each shipment will carry charges. For more information, please call 787-766-1335 or email us to [email protected]